CS296N Web Development 2: ASP.NET                                              

Load and Performance Testing

Topics by week
1. Intro to course and Identity
6. Load Testing and Performance, Midterm Quiz
2. Authentication and Authorization 7. Creating a Web Service
3. Claims and Third Party Authentication
8. Consuming a Web Service, Async / Await
4. Web Security
9. Docker Containers
5. Publishing to a Production Server 10.  Microservices



We will be learning to do load testing using JMeter


Thread Group: controls simulation of users

Sampler: Generates requests. Most common: HTTP Request

Listener: Collects results

Command line:
On Mac: sh jmeter (runs jmeter.sh)
On Windows: jmeter (runs jmeter.bat)





Q: Does Visual Studio have a load testing add-on?
A: Yes, but only for the Enterprise Edition

Q: What is latency?
A: The time between the start of the connection and the first byte of the response