CS296N Web Development 2: ASP.NET
Brian Bird

Topic: Creating a REST Web API

1. Intro to course and Identity
6. Load Testing and Performance, Midterm Quiz
2. Authentication and Authorization 7. Creating a Web Service
3. Claims and Third Party Authentication
8. Consuming a Web Service
4. Web Security
9. Docker Containers
5. Publishing to a Production Server 10.  Microservices

Term Project Due Dates
Web APIs
An ASP.NET Core Web API can be used in several ways:
  1. As a way to add AJAX to Razor views to make them more efficient.
    The reservation web app in Ch. 20 of Freeman (2017) is an example of this.
  2. As a way to create a web service. Web services
    Think of a web service as a web site that doesn't have a UI, it is meant to be accessed by a computer not a person.
    You can also think of it as an API that contains methods that can be called over a network or over the internet.
    There are two main scenarios in which web services are used:
    1. To facilitate a Service Oriented Architecture in which different components of a system communicate over a network.
    2. To provide a service that can be used by third parties or subscribers.

REST Architecture

Consuming a REST Service