CIS 195 Web Authoring 1: HTML

Course Topics by Week

1. Intro to HTML 56. Page Layout with CSS
2. More HTML 57. HTML Tables
3. Developing a Web Site8. HTML Forms
4. Styling with CSS9. Multimedia
5. Midterm Quiz10. Review and Term Project
 11. Final Quiz

Page Layout using CSS






CSS background properties

Setting a background image:

Background Shorthand Property


Page Design

Fixed Layout

Uses absolute sizes to keep the page at a fixed size.

Fluid Layout

Uses percentages to allow the page expand or contract to fit the size of the browser.


Float and Clear


The float property is used with block elements to position them side-by-side (instead of one above another) and to make them move as far as they can to either the left of right.



The clear property is used to cancel the float property and put the element back into the normal flow of the page.



Example: Float Demo

Exercise: CSS Float and Clear properties




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