Useful Links and References

CS296N, Web Development 2: ASP.NET

Textbook and Course Materials

Pro ASP.NET Core MVC 2 - Publisher's web page, includes code downloads
Course Outline- Course outline with links to resources
Course Materials Repository- Instructor's course materials on GitHub
Course Demo Code Repository- Instructor's BookInfo web app in ASP.NET Core 2.2 on GitHub
How to make a pull request and give a code review

C# Reference

Asynchronous Programming with Async and Await
Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
Lambda Expressions
Generics - C# Programming Guide

Microsoft ASP.NET Core Docs

ASP.NET Core Docs - Home page with links to different sections
ASP.NET Core API Browser - Search or browse by namespace to get specific reference information
ASP.NET Core Tutorials - Overviews and tutorials

Git and Other Dev Related Stuff

Resources for Learning Git - A collection of link to tutorials
Pro Git Book
- Free online tutorial and reference book
Mastering Markdown
- GitHub tutorial
- Markdown editor for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
Markdown Here - Markdown browser extension for all major browsers

CIT Department and College Resources

CIT Department - Degree programs and other dept. Info
CIT Lab Wiki - The department's computer lab in building 19, room 135.
Azure Dev Tools for Teaching / Azure Education - Free software, Azure subscription, and tutorials from Microsoft
LCC has paid for a "premium" account that gives you access to more free software than students normally can get.

Compiled by Brian Bird, 2019, revised winter 2020.